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With the publication of Volume 5 on the Highwood, Flat Creek, Livingstone and Willow Creek, the five-volume set of Gillean Daffern’s Kananaskis Country Trail Guides is now complete. This mammoth six-plus year project totals 1520 pages covering 435 hikes with 451 options. There are about 1750 color photos, 41 full-page maps and 172 sketch maps. To celebrate the completion of the guidebooks, the 41 topo maps are now available for download at their full size of 1:50,000.

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The Buller Creek Devonian Reef


A description of a hike up Buller Creek to the forks (#77 in Volume 1), then up the north fork to look at hoodoos. Mentions crossing the High Rockies Trail and gives updates on the scenery after the recent burn.

Topo map pic

The 41 trail maps from the back of the five volumes of Kananaskis Country Trail Guides are now available for you to view and download to your computer. These maps show all of the trails that Gillean has recorded in Kananaskis Country—some 435 hikes with 451 options. They are a tremendous resource for anyone going into Kananaskis Country.

High Rockies Trail

Spray Lake

The High Rockies Trail, which connects Goat Creek at the Banff Park boundary to Elk Pass on the Alberta B.C. boundary, is the westernmost section of the Trans Canada Trail in Alberta. The project’s proponent, the Alberta TrailNet Society, envisions the trail becoming a world-class destination trail through Kananaskis Country, with shuttle busses transporting trail users between trailheads.

Iain Ramsey Three Sis Con

New construction is in full swing along the old haul road that allowed access to the start of Quebexican and to Middle Sister via Stewart Creek. As you can see from Iain Ramsey’s photo there’s heavy equipment working and a “no access” notice. While you can probably walk the road safely Sundays and holidays, during [...]

Upper Kan Lake

First we had a look at Three Isle Lake trail. Apart from a new footbridge at Invincible Creek and a short reroute off the bridge, the main changes occur between Upper Kananaskis  Falls bridge and Forks Campground with a major reroute beyond the spring creek crossing.  The new trail crosses Dead Horse Gulch, as James calls it, [...]

Greater Bragg Creek Map App

Bragg Map app

The Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association has a map app for both Apple and Android covering the Bragg Creek area trail system. Produced by Trailforks,  a trail database website owned by Pinkbike the app includes a map and trail descriptions as well as background information on riding the area. It is primarily aimed at mountain bikers and [...]

Looking for flood stories and photos

Cataract Creek Bridge

Rocky Mountain Books is working with Friends of Kananaskis Country and Alberta Parks to produce a book on the Kananaskis Flood of 2013. It’s mostly a picture book with some text. All royalties will be going to Friends to help finance trail repair. (Still a lot to be done.) Looking for individual stories and pics from people who were out [...]

The Elbow River Watershed Partnership and Sustainable Redwood are hosting a presentation Changing Hydrology and Land Use in the Elbow River Watershed by Dr. Danielle Marceau of the University of Calgary on Tuesday, May 12th, 7-8:30 pm at Redwood House (#1 Manyhorses Drive, Redwood Meadows). This is a free event, but donations at the door will be graciously accepted! For more information [...]

Tom Snow in Moose Creek

Moose Creek

We have seen no reports on the post flood state of the Tom Snow trail north of Bragg Creek, so decided to go take a look. We had hiked the section between Dawson and the Husky well road previously and found a few big trees across it near the junction with Cox Hill trail, but that was all. But [...]

Friends of Kananaskis Country, High Rockies Trail and ESRD are planning an exceptional year of flood and non-flood related trail projects for 2015. Chairman, Derek Ryder, is projecting 45-50 volunteer trail days, 30% more than last year. They are, of course, looking for volunteers. You don’t have to be a pick-axe wielding strongman — volunteers [...]

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