Boundary Ridge logged

Took a short walk at West Bragg to see how logging has affected Boundary Ridge  bike trail. The answer is not at all, though we didn’t follow the trail all the way down to Iron Springs valley. Actually, we were quite  disappointed. We and others had hoped open slopes would abut against the trail and open up views to the west. There is none of that. You have to walk 100 m to find the top edge of the cutblock. Interestingly, the old trail  down the south side of the ridge that we used pre official bike trail, DOES follow the edge of the cutblock! Might just start walking that trail again!

Boundary Ridge logging

Looking up the logged area toward the summit of Boundary Ridge. The trail is back about 100 m in the trees.

Has anyone walked  Snagmore Hill or Long Distance lately and can report on it?

Logging is due to resume this fall farther west  around Tom Snow trail. Looking at plans, it doesn’t seen like any of the present  hiking trails and bike trails are affected. However, some people ’aint happy.

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  • thepassionatehiker May 4, 2013, 3:25 pm

    You had also asked if anyone had walked Snagmore Hill recently. I did an anti-clockwise trip over the hill this morning. I’m happy to say there were no signs at all of any logging activity anywhere near the trail. There is a lot of fairly new growth on the north side of the hill, not yet ready for logging. I could see northwards across Iron Creek to the southern slopes of Boundary Ridge, where there is plenty of evidence of logging. Very nice circuit, well worth a trip- and snow free apart from a short, easily navigated hard-packed section as you drop down the northern side of the hill. Since I was there, I also did Fullerton Loop and lower sections of Ranger Ridge, up to the spectacular viewpoint below the ridge – all very hikeable with only a few snow patches.

  • Alf Skrastins Apr 30, 2013, 9:54 pm

    The logging mitigation measures did not call for 100m buffers on ALL trails. Check the previous postings from GBCTA about what was agreed upon for each trail section and cut-block. Some sections of the Long Distance trail were planned to have logging right up to the trail because any buffer would have been subject to blow-down. Better to have a view from a ridge-top trail than to have it buried by deadfall!
    Harvest operations are not yet complete, but work has been suspended during spring break-up to avoid erosion damage. Cut logs still need to be removed, clean-up is still to be completed and repairs are yet to be completed to any trail damage.

  • Gillean Daffern Apr 29, 2013, 11:33 am

    Thanks PH for the info and photos. It looks like SLS has a bit of cleaning up to do. I wonder what happened to the 100 m buffer zones! And thanks for putting us on to your website which has lots of interesting reading. It would appear, judging by the stone wall in that photo of you as a youngster, that we grew up in the same area of northern England…

  • thepassionatehiker Apr 27, 2013, 8:12 pm

    Here s a link to the logging pictures from Long Distance Trail, taken today:

  • thepassionatehiker Apr 27, 2013, 3:16 pm

    Today I hiked the full length of Long Distance trail, from the West Bragg Creek car park to the north end of the Telephone Loop, returning along the east section of Telephone Loop. Here’s what I saw as far as logging is concerned:

    South section of Long Distance, from car park, up onto the ridge, and down to the 4-way junction with Demi-Tel/Reconnect:
    – Logging road running across the trail as it climbs the lower part of the ridge
    – Along the ridge top, three separate “log skidder” cuts, across the trail. Minor damage.

    North section of Long Distance, from the 4-way junction northwards to the Disconnect Trail junction:
    – Logging road crossing the trail, just a few hundred metres from the 4-way junction
    – On the ridge top, more visible signs of logging, with the logging activity reaching up from the west side to the trail along the ridge. Some trail damage caused by loose debris strewn across the trail. Not major damage – extent is about 300-500 metres in length.

    Far northern end of Long Distance, from Disconnect Trail junction to north end of Telephone Loop: There is a haul road crossing the ridge at a low point, and signs of logging on the hillsides to the west of the trail, but no activity at all along the route of the trail itself.

    By the way, this northern section of Long Distance isn’t really ready for hiking yet – some large drifts along the trail, especially on the north side of the ridge where it drops down to a lower section.

    I had forgotten how superb this trail is. The views of Moose Mountain and of distant peaks are extensive, and you even get some good views east to the prairie and Calgary. Great trail, not yet ruined by logging. Very windy up there today.

    I took lots of pictures in case anyone is interested.

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