Map & Trail Guide to Bragg Creek & Area Trails

BraggTrailMapThe Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association (GBCTA) has produced an attractive map of Bragg Creek and area trails covering all but one of the multi-use, mountain bike, ski and snowshoe trails from the Kananaskis Country Boundary to just west of Moose Mountain Road, and from highway 66 to the north end of Telephone Loop. I say all but one—for some reason the Alberta government requested they omit the unmaintained Sugar Mama, although it is an essential link in a popular circuit from West Bragg. It allows mountain bikers to ride from Bobcat to Elbow trail without riding on the closed-to-biking Fullerton. Inconsistently, the also unmaintained, Prairie Mountain and White Buddah/Vents Ridge trails are shown on the map and included in the trail descriptions!
Trails are colour-coded for the trail designations mentioned above plus the unmaintained trails. Trail distances between junctions are marked and appear to be accurate, though I have not done a detailed check.
Aff Skrastins has provided brief trail descriptions emphasizing trail characteristics for the suggested users, with a heavy emphasis on mountain biking for the multi-use trails. There’s a lot of useful information in these well-thought-out descriptions.
The 25” x 36” map at a scale of 1:25,000 (same as USGS and US Forest Service Maps), is printed on water resistant paper and retails for $15. Look for it in local outdoor stores.

Sample section of map above West Bragg parking showing the only designated snowshoe trail.

Sample section of map above West Bragg parking showing the only designated snowshoe trail.

The production was supported by Banded peak Communications, Rocky View County, Moose Mountain Mountain Bike Trail Society (MMBTS), Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance (CMBA) and Friends of Kananaskis Country.

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