New book on Canyon Creek

Moose Mountain, Alberta – Exploring the Natural History of Canyon Creek and Area by Dan Quinsey

Moose Mountain AlbertaWhile there are a few pages devoted to flora and fauna, and the title Moose Mountain is a come on — most people have heard of Moose Mountain, but where the heck is Canyon Creek? — the book is really about the palaeontology of Canyon Creek extending from Hwy. 66 to the ice cave area and a little way up Moosedome Creek. The author, a past president of the Alberta Palaeontological Society, has done a really good job of documenting areas of geological interest, so much so that anyone walking or biking up Canyon Creek Road to the ice cave with book in hand will probably never get there. There is so much to see on the way.  The text is augmented with excellent photos and with diagrams showing where to find the sites. But as Dan says, no specific GPS co-ordinates are given so you have to do a little exploring. I found the glossary at the back particularly useful.

The book is only available from the author. See Dan’s website for details.

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