Backcountry Avalanche Safety

Backcountry Avalanche Safety

The updated new edition of Backcountry Avalanche Safety is now available. Since the last edition there have been significant improvements to avalanche forecasting. Work done by Parks Canada and Canadian academic researchers has led to Canada becoming a world leader in avalanche forecasting and in the education of winter backcountry users.

Rescue at Cherry Bowl

In March, 2013 three backcountry skiers, deeply buried by a large avalanche near Terrace B.C. were dug out alive in less than 20 minutes. The group that rescued them had recently taken a companion rescue course — a choice that made the difference between life and death. Explore this micro-site — it might save your life!

Avalanche Canada

Avalanche Canada is the new name for the Canadian Avalanche Centre, the world class organization that has provided Avalanche Bulletins for Canada’s winter backcountry users for the past 10 years. Separated from the Canadian Avalanche Association, the organization that serves and supports professional avalanche workers, it will have its own new logo, its own staff [...]

If you've ever complained about the Spray Lakes Road above Canmore being closed take a look at the avalanche debris piled across the road. Imagine you and your car somewhere down in the Grassi Lakes Valley! The two photos by Kananaskis Country Public Safety Section are from yesterday's avalanche control. Wow!

The Avalanche Site

Mountain Guide Doug Latimer has developed The Avalanche Site, a Canadian website providing public avalanche education. He has gathered together many of the pieces of avalanche safety information scattered around the web into a cohesive resource for anyone going into avalanche terrain. Although still a work in progress (Planning and Terrain are not done yet), there is already lots of content for you to browse.

Backcountry Avalanche Safety is an up-to-date, tightly written, backcountry-focused book that clearly explains the basics of snow and avalanches using color photos and diagrams. It describes the skills needed to travel through avalanche terrain and provides guidelines for skiing and boarding steep slopes with an emphasis on managing risk.

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