If your’e heading down to the Highwood early in the morning and need breakfast, call in at the Black Diamond Bakery & Coffee Shop for some fine Danish baking and a real deal on a cooked-to-order, high-protein breakfast that will keep you going for many hours. In how may places can you get eggs, bacon, [...]

Looking for a curry on the way home from Kananaskis Country? Try the Mehtab in Cochrane for some of the best East Indian food in the Calgary area. The food is delicious and includes several dishes not offered by Calgary restaurants such as Chicken Kalimirch, a creamy dish of chicken simmered in cashew paste and wine with black peppers.

High Country Cafe

A bacon & egg breakfast place near Millerville on the way to Turner Valley from Calgary that is open early (6:00 am on weekdays, 8:00 am weekends) and is good value for your money.