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Our Trail Updates Database

Roads are opening and flood-damaged trails are being repaired. Please assist by adding comments to this post so we can update our trails database. We really appreciate your input. In particular we need information on trails in the Highwood and Gorge Creek areas. Check a trail’s status by clicking on the box to the right.

Tunes for Trails

The Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association is holding its 4th annual fundraiser, Tunes for Trails, 7:00 pm Saturday, May 24 at the Bragg Creek Community Centre. Tickets are still available in Bragg Creek from the Best Little Wordhouse in the West at 403 949-4995. Or, you can purchase on-line through PayPal (with your PayPal account or [...]

There seems to be a lot of paranoia as we approach this years snowmelt season fueled by alarmist statements to the media by people who don’t fully understand what caused last June’s extreme flooding. The snow recording sites in the headwaters of the Sheep, Elbow and Highwood Rivers show that there is a little more [...]

Elbow/Fullerton/Bobcat Update

In a blog last fall we we criticized part of the Elbow trail re-route down through the boggy area near the river where there used to be a gate in the fence. We suggested that the route through the fence higher up used all last summer was a much better alternative. We were told that [...]

Powderface Trail: You’ll be happy to know that Powderface Trail (the road) will remain closed until at least 2015. Alberta Transportation has hired “an engineering consultant to  carry out a detail design  and arrange  for the regulatory approvals to repair and replace” the bridges. However, due to sensitive fishery issues  raised by a federal department and [...]

The Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association (GBCTA) has produced an attractive map of Bragg Creek and area trails covering all but one of the multi-use, mountain bike, ski and snowshoe trails from the Kananaskis Country Boundary to just west of Moose Mountain Road, and from highway 66 to the north end of Telephone Loop. I [...]

Over the past few winters I have often seen snowshoers clanking over rocks and roots on icy foothills trails. Conversely I have also seen winter walkers and runners, trying to run on narrow snowshoe tracks, step off a packed snowshoe trail into knee-deep powder. Here’s a few pointers to help you decide whether to walk [...]

Kananaskis Country is upgrading their information program in an attempt to provide accurate, timely information in an easier to digest format on multiple platforms. They are working to improve their social media presence and are now publishing a new trail report format with multiple active links and a “live grooming report”. Resources permitting, they hope [...]

Driving back from Banff on Sunday, we were dismayed to see that a brand new guard rail on Hwy. 1 extends for quite some distance on both sides of Heart Creek, thereby blocking access to the usual popular parking area in the ditch. Not only that, there are “No Parking” signs at the east end [...]

The draft South Saskatchewan Regional Plan has been released, and the government is soliciting your feedback. The draft plan creates new conservation areas, establishes environmental limits, protects our water supply and provides clarity about land use and access. You can provide feedback on the draft plan either through completing an Online Workbook or by attending one of [...]

Our Trail Updates Database

We have developed a database to list trail updates by guide book volume, area and trail number. Check it out by clicking on the box to the right. Much of the information is taken from your comments since the floods. We really appreciate your input. Please assist by adding updates to this post so we [...]

GBCTA needs Trail Volunteers

The West Bragg Creek trails are currently in good condition, with most flood related repairs having been completed by volunteers. However, there is still work to be done. The GBCTA is currently in need of: Volunteer coordination help, as Rod Saville is not available to coordinate the next while. If willing to help coordinate, please email: [...]

It’s August  the 9th. Seven weeks on from the great flood, we are still checking out trails and routes and will be for a few years to come I suspect.  More roads are open, the exceptions being Gorge Creek Trail, Powderface Trail, Hwy. 40 in the Highwood, Hwy. 940 south of Highwood House and Hwy. [...]

A video by KCPublic Safety of a “controlled” (my emphasis) release of the Barrier Lake spillway. The water flows downstream along the Kananaskis River and through the Canoe Meadows area. The whitewater course here has seen extensive damage as a result of the high water. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D36ldkvmmQ8

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