K-Country Issues

After a century of being granted right-of-way across the land, Albertans are now prohibited from using Sheep Trail as a means of travelling between the Sheep and Elbow valleys, thus cutting off access to Rickert’s Pass, Burns Lake and numerous scrambling peaks. Parks have put up signs warning travellers of the situation.

Missinglink missing Inukshuk

Missinglink mountain is a fabulous summit with extensive views of the Front Ranges all the way from the Highwood to the Elbow! Taking advantage of the fall weather we hiked up there on October 23rd to be greeted by an impressive, well-constructed inukshuk. A few days later we received an email from Joanne Godfrey of [...]

The main thrust for the reduction of wild horse herds in the Alberta foothills is from grazing leaseholders concerned that horses are consuming forage at the expense of their cattle. How valid is this assumption? I have only been able to find one study, by Salter & Hudson, that looks at how horses, wildlife and [...]

Wild Horses at Risk

We are appalled that the Alberta Government is again issuing capture permits for wild horses on public land along Alberta’s Eastern Slopes. It appears that the main thrust for the reduction of wild horse herds is from grazing lease holders concerned that horses are consuming forage at the expense of their cattle. Bob Henderson, president of [...]

After a summer and fall of inaction ESRD has finally begun the construction of a new start to Elbow Trail/Fullerton Loop. A piece of yellow tape between 2 trees to the right of Ranger Creek Road (the road opposite Allen Bill Pond) indicates the start of the new Elbow trail, a four metre-wide ski trail. [...]

The Alberta Flood Recovery Task Force has proposed the building of three flood control berms with dry ponds behind them at the headwaters of the Elbow and Highwood Rivers within K Country, and a second set of berms in the foothills outside of K Country: one on the Highwood and one on the Sheep. The [...]

I attended a CPAWS workshop on the plan yesterday. Here is a summary of their recommendations for fixing the plan. Headwaters Areas impacted by clear-cut logging and road building must be restored ASAP. Define a new model for forest management to achieve natural, healthy water systems and wildlife habitat. Protected area should be defined not [...]

Driving back from Banff on Sunday, we were dismayed to see that a brand new guard rail on Hwy. 1 extends for quite some distance on both sides of Heart Creek, thereby blocking access to the usual popular parking area in the ditch. Not only that, there are “No Parking” signs at the east end [...]

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