K-Country Issues

Spray Lake Sawmills’ Woodlands team have created a blog site to provide the opportunity for dialog and input into the proposed logging in West Bragg Creek. It is intended to be a communication link to those that have concerns, suggestions or ideas, and those that do the planning within the company. “We can’t expect people [...]

Logging in Bragg Creek

Tomorrow, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development will host a facilitated information session to discuss FireSmart planning for the area west of Bragg Creek. Fire managers, scientists and industry representatives will be on hand to answer your questions about proposed FireSmart activities on public land. The event will take place from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. [...]

Here is a brief summary of discussions at the first two Ghost Watershed Forums. The organization of topics and interpretation of the main points discussed is mine. I am sure the facilitator will provide a full summery when the forums have concluded. Protection of watershed A recent study commissioned by the Ghost Watershed Alliance — [...]

Ghost Watershed – Public Forums

“The Future of the Ghost Watershed:  Exploring Solutions” Everyone interested the challenges and opportunities facing the Ghost Watershed is invited to attend one or more of the upcoming workshops presented by The Ghost Watershed Alliance Society. They will utilize an outside facilitator and an “open space” process for large group collaboration.  The open space method [...]

SustainK Meeting in Bragg Creek

We attended a meeting in Bragg Creek last night, organized by Peter Tucker, of SustainK, “to provide the public with information about the proposed logging so they better understand the issues”. Four invited speakers gave short presentations followed by a question and answer session involving 2 additional locals with fire prevention knowledge. Robert Sadée of [...]

West Bragg Creek Trail Damage

On Sunday, April 1, a group of irresponsible equestrian riders rode out on the new trail, Braggin Rights, riding right past a trail sign requesting that equestrians avoid using the new All-Season trails until at least mid-summer. When asked to avoid the trails due to the damage, the riders displayed no remorse and carried on. [...]

Last night Bruce Barker and Robert Sadée from the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association (GBCTA) briefed invited trail user groups on their mitigation negotiations with Spray Lake Sawmills (SLS). Bruce and Robert are volunteers working on our behalf under tight timelines and numerous constraints to mitigate the effects of logging on the trail system. We [...]

Sustain Kananaskis Country has posted a set of 10 photographs showing what the area might look like after the proposed logging. While the cut blocks look extensive, remember these photographs are taken from the air and don’t represent what the trail user on the ground will see. It would be instructive to have some comparison photos [...]

More on West Bragg Creek Logging

Apparently, Sustainable Resources (SRD) requires approved stakeholders to consult with each other before they will give approval to any activity in an area. The Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association (GBCTA) as an approved stakeholder was required to consult extensively with other stakeholders including Spray Lakes Sawmills in order to get permission to build the new [...]

Ever wonder how much of an impact our sport and use of trails has on our local economy?  The Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance and Mount Royal College are conducting a Survey on the economic impact of trail use.  It not only relates to Mountain biking, but to all trail use, including cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking.

Bowing to unrelenting pressure from Conservation groups and the general public, the Alberta Government will allow the proposed new Alberta Parks Act, Bill 29,  to ‘die on the order paper’. Minister Cindy Ady said the province will re-introduce the legislation next year.

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