K-Country Issues

Dianne Pachal of the Sierra Club Canada has advised us that there will be a debate today, November 15th, on Alberta’s Tourism, Parks & Recreation Minister’s proposed new parks act (Bill 29).  “It is THE worst conservation-related legislation we’ve seen anywhere in Canada in a generation,” she says.  “It could become law within the week unless enough people write now to stop it and open up consultation on it”

Land Exchange Proposal

Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation is looking for feedback on a proposal to exchange land adjacent to Dead Man’s Flats with public lands, nearby and in the Ghost and Waiparous areas, to allow for better protection of the wildlife corridor between Dead Man’s Flats and the Bow River.

“Rogue” Trails

“Rogue trails? Why it is so important to use the right words in describing  K Country trails. The term is downright unfriendly and should be nipped in the bud  before it spreads like a virus. Is there something wrong with the word “undesignated”?

Alberta Hiking Association

The Alberta Hiking Association is a fledgling umbrella organization for hiking clubs from across the province. Browse their web site: www.abhiking.ca for information on how to become a member.

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