Outdoor Gear

Group Shelters (Bothy Bags)

Group Shelters are large windproof bags designed for use by groups of anywhere between 2 and 12 people in the mountains. Two or more people huddled together can both keep warm and maintain morale in a stressful situation. They are now available in Canada.

Winter Hiking Traction Devices

The winter hiking season is fast approaching and it’s time to look out your traction devices. Are they missing cleats? Are the wire coils coming apart? Did they keep coming off last winter? Do you need new ones? Do you want them for negotiating icy streets or dog walking in the park, or do you [...]

Outdoor Expo and Festival

The first annual Calgary Outdoor Expo and Festival October 30/31 will provide outdoor enthusiasts with a unique experience that focuses on the people, services and products that make Calgary such a vibrant outdoor community.

Why Carry a Folding Pruning Saw

Think about carrying a folding pruning saw to lop off offending branches and clear encroaching alder as your contribution to the maintenance of both official and unofficial trails. Here are some pointers on selecting a saw and some locally available light-weight folding saws.

SPOT Satellite Messenger System

SPOT is a handheld satellite communication device that can determine your location using a GPS system and send messages via its own commercial satellite network. It will work almost anywhere in the world as long as you can see enough sky to access satellites