New Lawrence Grassi Biography

Rising above Canmore is Mount Lawrence Grassi. Nearby are two exquisite tarns known as Grassi Lakes. In town, his name graces a subdivision, a road, and even a school. So who was this Canmore icon? To find out I urge you to read Lawrence Grassi From Piedmont to the Rocky Mountains by Elio Costa and Gabriele Scardellato.

Talking with Alf Skrastins

Gillean Daffern interviews Alf Skrastins about the early days of the University of Calgary Outdoor Centre, the Foothills Wilderness Journal and his contribution to the development of hiking in Kananaskis Country.

Bernie Mason 1920-2010

A pioneer of cross-country skiing in Alberta, 90 year-0ld Bernie Mason passed away on Sunday. Bernie bought the first cross-country touring skis into Calgary in the early 70s, selling them out of his basement initially (where I bought my first pair of skis: not so light-weight Bonna 2400s), then opening Nordic Ski and Sports in [...]