Memorial Lakes Trail. The dicey traverse of the shale bank, lately equipped with a rope that showed just how bad it had got, has been  replaced by a brand new trail that crosses the creek, runs along the mossy west bank, then returns to the east bank beyond all difficulty via a second new bridge [...]

After a hiatus of three years, Powderface Trail the Road finally opened on May 16.  We and everyone else out inspecting the road can report that it’s in pretty good condition especially the northern half. Occasional soft spots elsewhere will need a bit more ditching and gravelling.

Tom Snow in Moose Creek

We have seen no reports on the post flood state of the Tom Snow trail north of Bragg Creek, so decided to go take a look. We had hiked the section between Dawson and the Husky well road previously and found a few big trees across it near the junction with Cox Hill trail, but that was all. But [...]

When driving up Hwy. 68 from Hwy. 40, I have always had my eyes drawn to the north ridge of this hill because it is open for the most part.  How to reach the bottom of it without a horrific bushwhack through deadfall? That problem was solved when a logging road was pushed up the [...]

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