McLean Creek

Mystery on Mount Quirk

Recently we stumbled upon what is possibly a memorial on the east end of Mount Quirk ridge just below a bulldozed fire break. There was a post off in the middle of the bush nowhere near a trail with two names and a date carved on it.

Winter Walk Mesa Butte +

Easy climbs, open ridges and panoramic views from Mesa Butte, Curley Connector and Curley Sand trails allow  surprisingly good outings for the short, cold days of winter. The shortest option, to the top of Mesa Butte and back, is only 3.4 km with just over 200 m of height gain. The whole ridge is 6.4 km and requires 2 vehicles, if you don’t want a 3.6 km road walk back to your car.

Winter Walks on Mount Barwell

This is the story of two trips to Highway 549. The first was to check out reports of well roads being gated in an effort to stop Pengrowth’s well sites being used as shooting ranges. And it’s true. Gates have been installed by ministerial order (am I the only one who dislikes that term?) on the Mesa [...]