The Elbow

Mustang Hills after logging

We hiked the Mustang Hills to see how the logging has affected the trails. The good news—very little. The summit trail where it leaves the old highway has a cutblock on the right and you cross a logging road halfway up the steep bit, but after this it’s the same as it ever was to east hill. It is only on the summit of this hill that one sees the logging in the shallow valley below.

Winter Walk over Bens Hill

Bens Hill, east of Prairie Mountain and only 1000 feet lower with an open summit and a stone circle on top, is an ideal winter walking destination. The area is laced with bike trails, both Downhill Speciific and multi use, built by the MMBTS (Moose Mountain Bike Trail Society), that are well on their way to being government approved.

Memorial Lakes Trail. The dicey traverse of the shale bank, lately equipped with a rope that showed just how bad it had got, has been  replaced by a brand new trail that crosses the creek, runs along the mossy west bank, then returns to the east bank beyond all difficulty via a second new bridge [...]

Fullerton/Elbow Update

Just in time for the ski season, the trail has been rerouted away from the Elbow River,  It now continues across the meadow and crosses the side creek much higher up onto Fullerton, so doing away with the big climb up from the drift fence. Yeah! 

Changes to Rainy Summit Ridge

Finally got to check out unofficial trail #30 in volume 2 after a gap of a few years. As many of you have already discovered (the trail is well-trodden),  the first two paragraphs as written up in the 4th edition are now obsolete. A new and  better start has evolved.

Sugar Daddy

There’s a beaut of a trail in the West Bragg/Elbow trail system. Now official, it runs from Snagmore to Strange Brew on the lower east summit of Ranger Hill. I really like it as a hiking trail because it exhibits none of the rather annoying characteristics of a bike trail.

K Country’s Newest Waterfall

We were alerted to a waterfall on the Little Elbow just above Nihahi Creek by Leo and Lucie Weatherbie who were wondering what it was called. What waterfall? was my first reaction. Couldn’t think of any waterfall at this point on the river. So at the end of October we  hotfooted it down Little Elbow trail for a [...]

After a summer and fall of inaction ESRD has finally begun the construction of a new start to Elbow Trail/Fullerton Loop. A piece of yellow tape between 2 trees to the right of Ranger Creek Road (the road opposite Allen Bill Pond) indicates the start of the new Elbow trail, a four metre-wide ski trail. [...]

North Powderface Loop

The Trail Creek parking area and Trail Creek trail has always struck me as being completely useless for hiking up to Powderface Ridge. However, I have recently come across a trail that connects to the top of North Powderface Ridge, resulting in a very pleasant loop from this little trailhead. Compared to the popular, but [...]

The Mustang Hills

The Mustang Hills is the group of three hills located ENE of Rainy Summit between Hwy. 66 and the Elbow River. At a summary glance, they appear to be covered in trees, but in reality they harbour meadows offering great views. Within their folds wander the wild horses, perhaps headed for a drink at the pond.

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