February KTAG Meeting News

Some info for you to comment on:

1. Signs on Sawmill hiking, biking and skiing trails  were taken down last year as the trails were  not able to be maintained. Everyone thought the color coded signs should have been left  in place. It was pointed out that the trails receive more snow than any other ski area. The sign issue will be brought up at the next meeting.

2. A waxing facility is being considered near to Pocaterra Hut.

3.  The Village Centre deli and grocery store at Kananaskis Village is closed. It is rumoured that Delta may take over responsibility.

4. Bragg Creek has had a great winter.  Donations have helped pay for a new snowmobile and tracksetter. Volunteers are playing a greater role than ever before.

5. How many KC staff work on X-C trail grooming? Two for Peter Lougheed and Mount Shark; One for Ribbon Creek. They do a fantastic job.

6. Trail work for the coming 2011/12 season  is mostly  tread repairs and drainage work  for muddy sections of trails including Death Valley and Gorge Creek trails in the Sheep. Yeh! Also of interest: Burstall Pass trail will be hardened in the flood plain,  2.5 km  of Cox Hill trail will  be rerouted  with the help of  the Mountain Bike Alliance, both ends  of the Highline trail at Canmore will be extended, bridges will be replaced in Galatea Creek, food lockers will be placed at Ribbon Falls, Ribbon Lake and Lillian Lake backcountry campgrounds, Wolf Creek and Wildhorse backcountry campgrounds will be decommissioned. (No news yet on where the latter will be moved to), Touch of Class bike trail on Pigeon Mountain will be decommissioned. Sigh! we were so looking forward to not having to hike/bike the boring powerline access road. See the November posts on the forum under Trip Reports, Pigeon Mountain. Pigeon Mountain, by the way, is closed Dec 1 to June 15.  Please comment on the decommission.

7. Some trails in the Gorge/Ware Creek area of the Sheep have been renamed, and new signs will be up shortly. More on this in the next KTAG post…

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  • Gillean Daffern Apr 27, 2011, 10:14 pm

    Re “A Touch of Class.” I’m told that dead trees and branches will be laid lengthwise along the trail at the beginning and end and that any biker caught riding open sections of the trail or rerouting the trail will be fined!
    Apparently, this part of the valley is a wildlife corridor. Not sure what came first: the trail or the wildlife corridor? Anyway, both the powerline access road and the trail up Pigeon Mountain lie within the corridor. Because there is a closure on the trails between December and June to protect the wildlife, I don’t see what the problem is. Especially when you consider that the whole lies within a wildland provincial park where hunting is allowed.

  • Scott Apr 27, 2011, 8:14 pm

    Decommissioning Touch of Class seems to be a questionable move. It’s a trail that is between an industrial access road and hiking trails that go into the alpine. What motive is involved here and how does one decommission a trail that long?

    Does someone make laps in an ATV in the name of erosion prevention?

  • David Apr 18, 2011, 10:11 pm

    Regarding “2.5 km of Cox Hill trail will be rerouted with the help of the Mountain Bike Alliance”, I’m pretty sure that would be the Bow Valley Mountain Bike Alliance, not the Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance. Just in case anyone was unsure. 🙂

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