Boulton Creek to Elk Pass

The High Rockies Trail follows Boulton Creek Interpretive Trail, a couple of soft ski trails, then various re-workings of the old cutline access road to Elk Pass on the powerline. Strangely, this is not a good section for views.

Interpretive Trail to Fox Creek 2.5 km

Fox Creek.

The trail leads to a T-junction at the old ranger cabin. Keep straight. (Down right is Boulton Bridge parking.) A winding section of Boulton Creek Interpretive Trail along the bank top above Boulton Creek merges into Moraine ski trail. Just after interpretive post #7 keep straight at a T-junction and descend into Boulton Creek valley. At the next T-junction with Boulton Creek ski trail turn left up Fox Creek.

Fox Creek 1.5 km

Initially you follow a narrow trail a through a dim forest hung with lichens. After crossing Boulton Creek, then Fox Creek, the trail widens as it runs creekside and ends with a climb onto Elk Pass trail. Turn left. (Right leads over the hill to Elk Pass parking.)

Elk Pass trail to West Elk Pass junction 3.0 km

In 500 m the access road crosses Fox Creek to a T-junction on the far side. Keep straight on. (The trail zooming up the hill to left is Hydroline ski and snowshoe trail.)

Follow the wide trail rebuilt and re-routed after the 2013 flood. After two creek crossings, the second over the main west fork carrying the water, you are back on the original narrower trail. Enjoy walking the narrow valley of the tiny south fork between a grassy draw and a steep bank.

At a T-junction with Patterson ski trail, go straight. In winter, skiers will loop to the right. Shortly after you rejoin the ski trail, Bluberry Hill trail turns off to the right at a picnic table. Continue to a junction with sign “Elk Lakes.” The narrow trail crossing the draw to right is the historic West Elk Pass trail where you have a choice of heading down to Elk Lakes or directly down to the Elk Lakes Provincial Park entrance close to the Alpine Club of Canada cabin.

Check out Trail Map showing the trails described in the Kananaskis Country Trail Guides.

Elk Pass at the powerline.

To Elk Pass 1.3 km

Bikers and skiers must follow the High Rockies Trail up a moderately steep climb to Elk Pass at the powerline right-of-way. The trail bears right to a gate marking the Alberta/BC border. This is the end of the High Rockies Trail, all 82 km of it from Goat Creek. From here, the powerline access road descends to Elk Lakes a short distance from the ACC cabin.