Is there such a thing as multi-use trails?

The report on February’s  KTAG meeting will be forthcoming:

In the meantime, here’s something you can sink your teeth into. The government is presently  drafting a guideline on the planning processes needed to 1. improve existing trails and 2. build new trails. This will be a guideline for organizations and individuals (with the backing of an organization or club) on how to work with the government to achieve a “common vision  with mutually beneficial desired outcomes.” The finished  guidelines (including maps showing where new trails can be built ) will apply not only to K Country, but also to the province of Alberta as a whole.

The plan encourages multi-use trails with “co-operation between the different users.” So my question to you is “Is there such a thing as multi-use trails?” Sounds good on paper, but do they actually work in practice? I have my own view on this, but I want to hear from everyone before the next go-around on May 5.