Mystery on Mount Quirk

About a week ago ago we went up onto the east end of Mount Quirk (see #73A in Volume 4) to check on damage after the May fire. Luckily the trail was still easy to follow despite having a fire break bulldozed right next to it. On the ridge top was another fire break heading to the east end. This we followed to the burnt and scorched trees out on the point.

Mount Quirk

The firebreak that parallels the trail up the east the ridge of Mount Quirk.

Mount Quirk

The fire just touched the end of the east ridge.

Mount Quirk

It doesn’t take long for the Alder to to start growing up through the charred ground.

On the way back we beat through the trees below the firebreak and stumbled upon what is possibly a memorial: A large piece of wood with words carved onto it standing upright in a pile of rocks. It read Lloyd P Jun 75 Brent S and had a pair of crossed cutlasses at the bottom.

Mount Quirk

The squared-off top portion of the post.

And the crossed cutlases below the lettering.

Who knows whether it really IS a memorial (and there are plenty of them in K Country) or merely the result of two friends doodling away time while enjoying the view that probably existed back in 1975. It’s a long shot, but does anyone out there have the answer?

Incidentally, on our way back out Fisher Creek we noticed that at one point the fire had raged to just above the Fisher West Road in a plantation and here again fire breaks had been built to contain it.

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