There seems to be a lot of paranoia as we approach this years snowmelt season fueled by alarmist statements to the media by people who don’t fully understand what caused last June’s extreme flooding. The snow recording sites in the headwaters of the Sheep, Elbow and Highwood Rivers show that there is a little more [...]

Elbow/Fullerton/Bobcat Update

In a blog last fall we we criticized part of the Elbow trail re-route down through the boggy area near the river where there used to be a gate in the fence. We suggested that the route through the fence higher up used all last summer was a much better alternative. We were told that [...]

Powderface Trail: You’ll be happy to know that Powderface Trail (the road) will remain closed until at least 2015. Alberta Transportation has hired “an engineering consultant to  carry out a detail design  and arrange  for the regulatory approvals to repair and replace” the bridges. However, due to sensitive fishery issues  raised by a federal department and [...]

The main thrust for the reduction of wild horse herds in the Alberta foothills is from grazing leaseholders concerned that horses are consuming forage at the expense of their cattle. How valid is this assumption? I have only been able to find one study, by Salter & Hudson, that looks at how horses, wildlife and [...]

Snowshoe Sinnot Hill

Just before the very cold weather hit we squeezed in an easy snowshoe trip to a viewpoint off Hwy. 549. Starting at the K Country boundary, we  pushed snow to Threepoint Creek, which was well frozen, took  Curly Sand trail to the meadow junction, then climbed 9999 trail to the pass. All the way we [...]

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