For this long weekend (May 19-22), there will be parking (about 70-80 vehicles) in the yellow area in the image. The WBC trails received 36mm of rain and 10cm of snow on May 17, so trails will be wet and muddy for several days.  Check current trail conditions on the GBCTA website, before heading out.

Ride-over cattle guard

Ride-over cattle guard at West Bragg. Photo: AJ Stein

Ride Over Cattle Guards

The latest improvements to multi-user trails is the provision of cattle guards so mountain bikers don’t have to dismount and open swing gates, or lift their bikes over drift fences when they encounter a V-gate. It also reduces the chance of people not shutting gates behind them.

The Great Trail Highpoint Thumbnail

The Great Trail Highpoint

Did you know that the highest point on The Great Trail (Trans-Canada Trail) is Cox Hill in Kananaskis Country? At 2211 m (7254′), Cox Hill is a superlative viewpoint. Nearby is the imposing bulk of Moose Mountain and it’s impressive north ridge. To the west you are treated to an extensive panorama of the main range [...]

Buller to Chester Snowshoe

Peaks at the head of the Spray Lakes seen from one of the burns on the Buller to Chester section of the High Rockies Trail.

Why not Snowshoe the High Rockies Trail?

It may be Spring in the foothills, but there’s still skads of snow in the Smith-Dorrien. Right now is a really good time for snowshoeing, the base has firmed up and the snow isn’t yet isothermal (wet from top to bottom), though it’s getting there.

View from Junction Hill

View from Junction Hill across Highwood Junction to the areas to be logged.

Logging in the Upper Highwood

Local outdoor enthusiasts have recently found out that there will be extensive logging around Highwood Junction next winter. While few Kananaskis trails will be affected, the proposed blocks along the Highwood River slated for clear-cut will be clearly visible from Highway 40 and from Junction Hill to the north.

Construction has started today on the much needed enlargement of the West Bragg parking area. The area will be closed until April 1st, then parking will be limited during the main construction period construction to 80-90 parking spots. The majority of the work will be completed by June 30th, with a small amount of work [...]

Snowshoe Ribbon Creek Thumbnail

The first bridge.

Snowshoe Ribbon Creek

An easy snowshoe where you can pick your own turnaround point. While you can go as far as  the avalanche slopes beyond Dipper Canyon, most snowshoers stop like we did at the bike racks at the 4.6 km mark and sit on a spindly log to nibble goodies. The good trail usually stops here.

Lusk Creek Loop

Mount Baldy from just past the end of the interpretive trail.

Winter walk or snowshoe the Lusk Creek Valley Loop

A walk or snowshoe loop through the cutblocks east of the Barrier Lake Field Station. The Lusk Creek Valley Loop starts up the Kananaskis Integrated Forest interpretive trail, joins North Baldy Pass trail, heads over to Lusk Creek and returns via the old Lusk Creek trail.

Bothy 2

Group Shelters (Bothy Bags)

Group Shelters are large windproof bags designed for use by groups of anywhere between 2 and 12 people in the mountains. Two or more people huddled together can both keep warm and maintain morale in a stressful situation. They are now available in Canada.

Chester Sawmill Snowshoe Trails Thumbnail

Heading up toward Mount Murray Viewpoint

Chester Sawmill Snowshoe Trails

The Smith-Dorrien area with its ample snowpack has some of the best snowshoe trails in Kananaskis Country with something for everyone. Here I am featuring the Chester Sawmill Snowshoe Trails, suggesting four loops varying from the popular 5.1 km Sawmill Loop to a 13.3 km Grand Tour.

In 2016, The Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association focused on upgrading existing trails, adding new winter trails and enhancing the visitor experience. Significant investment and actions by Alberta Parks/Government of Alberta resulted in a number of important enhancements to the 141.3 km trail network that offers opportunities for just about every type of non-motorized trail user!

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