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Winter Walk over Bens Hill

Bens Hill, east of Prairie Mountain and only 1000 feet lower with an open summit and a stone circle on top, is an ideal winter walking destination. The area is laced with bike trails, both Downhill Speciific and multi use, built by the MMBTS (Moose Mountain Bike Trail Society), that are well on their way to being government approved.


Part of one of the new maps now posted at Hidden Trail trailhead.

Changes to Trails from Ribbon Creek parking lot

Recent changes that affect both summer and winter use start from Hidden trail which leaves the Ribbon Creek parking lot behind the kiosk. Before you go take a gander at the up-to-date map displayed at the trailhead.

Larch Time in Pocaterra Cirque Thumbnail

Larch Time in Pocaterra Cirque

Highwood Pass is a popular venue for larch viewing. While there are a few larches at the pass for the driving tourist, the nearby cirques — Pocaterra and Arethusa — contain one of the highest concentrations of larches in Kananaskis Country. We headed out to photograph the larches in Pocaterra Cirque and climb Pocaterra Ridge.

There is a new approach to the two routes up Holy Cross Mountain that is much better than the approach in Volume 5 of the Kananaskis Country Trail Guide and in More Scrambles. A good trail is developing that leaves the Gunnery Passs trail shortly before the pass.

Mystery on Mount Quirk Thumbnail

Mystery on Mount Quirk

Recently we stumbled upon what is possibly a memorial on the east end of Mount Quirk ridge just below a bulldozed fire break. There was a post off in the middle of the bush nowhere near a trail with two names and a date carved on it.

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