Wind Ridge new start Thumbnail

Jeff & Tony on replacement bridge over Pigeon Creek

Wind Ridge new start

There is a new section of trail in Wind Valley that gives easy access to the Wind Ridge trail. It has 4 new bridges if you count the replacement of the 2015 bridge over Pigeon Creek that was recently demolished by a falling tree.

Porcupine feature

View from an easy section of the rock ridge of the objective—the small pinnacle to the left of the big one.

Porcupine Ridge

Running parallel to the much longer and more popular Wasootch Ridge to the north, Porcupine Ridge is a short scramble ridge with one amazing viewpoint. Apart from the couple of scramble steps, there’s a trail  all the way.

We have Updated our Web Site Thumbnail

We have Updated our Web Site

While appearing similar to the previous site, there are some significant differences. Improvements we hope. The new site is slightly wider to allow for the larger righthand sidebar, and the sidebars now appear either side of the blog. The main differences and additions are:

The Great (Trans Canada) Trail in Kananaskis Country now has a paddling section. The trail from Stewart Creek Interchange to Dead Man’s Flats is now shown on the Great Trail map as a 6.5 km Water Trail from Bow River Campground to Three Sisters Campground. Unfortunately, whoever dreamed up this idea didn’t consider the practicalities.

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