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Mystery on Mount Quirk

Recently we stumbled upon what is possibly a memorial on the east end of Mount Quirk ridge just below a bulldozed fire break. There was a post off in the middle of the bush nowhere near a trail with two names and a date carved on it.

The High Rockies Trail heads south from Goat Creek above Canmore to Elk Pass at the BC border. The newly constructed section from Goat Creek to Pocaterra Dam was built as a multi-use trail for hiking, mountain biking and snowshoeing. South of Three Sisters Dam it is mostly a narrow, winding trail through mossy forest and old burns with increasingly better views as you head south.

GNSS survey

GNSS survey on South Opal Ridge. Primary receiver at centre.

Accuracy of Mountain Heights in Kananaskis Country?

This is a question that many hikers using GPS devices ask when they obtain summit heights that are different from information online. Gérard Lachapelle, Professor Emeritus, Department of Geomatics Engineering, University of Calgary is trying to get some answers. Thank you Gérard for the following blog.

Wind Ridge new start Thumbnail

Jeff & Tony on replacement bridge over Pigeon Creek

Wind Ridge new start

There is a new section of trail in Wind Valley that gives easy access to the Wind Ridge trail. It has 4 new bridges if you count the replacement of the 2015 bridge over Pigeon Creek that was recently demolished by a falling tree.

Porcupine feature

View from an easy section of the rock ridge of the objective—the small pinnacle to the left of the big one.

Porcupine Ridge

Running parallel to the much longer and more popular Wasootch Ridge to the north, Porcupine Ridge is a short scramble ridge with one amazing viewpoint. Apart from the couple of scramble steps, there’s a trail  all the way.

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