E very so often we get an email or a comment on the accuracy of our trail distances, and when we track down the cause of the discrepancy find that the problem relates to incorrect odometer (distance) displays on the users GPS receiver and/or poor track logs that have not been “cleaned up”. Let’s look [...]


Before and after photos by Joanne Godfrey, Sheep River Ramblers.

Missinglink missing Inukshuk

Missinglink mountain is a fabulous summit with extensive views of the Front Ranges all the way from the Highwood to the Elbow! Taking advantage of the fall weather we hiked up there on October 23rd to be greeted by an impressive, well-constructed inukshuk. A few days later we received an email from Joanne Godfrey of [...]

Boulton Creek Re-envisaged Thumbnail

Boulton Creek Re-envisaged

So we started out on Boulton Creek interpretive trail and followed it down to the new bridge over Boulton Creek.  From here we turned left and looked at the re-worked section of the ski trail to the junction with Fox Creek and Moraine. All was good. Plodded up Moraine and down to the bridge again, then turned [...]

Trail Volunteers Honoured

Friends of Kananaskis Country held a volunteer appreciation event last night — pizza, beer and lots of door prizes — to recognize the many volunteers who have helped construct, maintain and re-route trails in Kananaskis Country. Michael Roycroft, a senior manager with Alberta Environment and Parks said the involvement of so many trail enthusiasts has [...]

Ribbon Creek Update Thumbnail

Bridge #3 has steps on the approach side with double-wide treads.

Ribbon Creek Update

The trail up Ribbon Creek from the parking lot to Link junction is now officially open, though a little rough in places still.  The main thing is: All 6 bridges are in place. It’s touted for hikers and snowshoers, and, interestingly, the steps up to bridge #3 have double the tread, presumably to accommodate snowshoes. Distance 2.5 km. The [...]

Stick-it (Now Sugar Daddy) Thumbnail

Stick-it (Now Sugar Daddy)

There’s a beaut of a new trail in the West Bragg/Elbow trail system. No, not Snakes and Ladders — it’s not yet open. It’s an unofficial trail (Now official and re-named Sugar Daddy) made by those who cannot be named that runs from Snagmore to Strange Brew on the lower east summit of Ranger Hill. I really like it as a [...]

Ribbon Cutting

MLA Cam Westhead officially opens the West Bragg Creek all-season trail system.

West Bragg Creek All-Season trails are officially open

Y esterday, the West Bragg Creek all-season trail system was officially opened by Bragg Creek resident and local MLA Cam Westhead. The culmination of more than ten years of planning by a group of dedicated volunteers, the event was attended by MP John Barlow, AEP Deputy Minister Bill Werry, Trans Canada Trail CEO Deborah Apps, [...]

New Lawrence Grassi Biography Thumbnail

New Lawrence Grassi Biography

Rising above Canmore is Mount Lawrence Grassi. Nearby are two exquisite tarns known as Grassi Lakes. In town, his name graces a subdivision, a road, and even a school. So who was this Canmore icon? To find out I urge you to read Lawrence Grassi From Piedmont to the Rocky Mountains by Elio Costa and Gabriele Scardellato.


Looking up at the hoodoos from North Buller Creek.

The Buller Creek Devonian Reef

A description of a hike up Buller Creek to the forks (#77 in Volume 1), then up the north fork to look at hoodoos. Mentions crossing the High Rockies Trail and gives updates on the scenery after the recent burn.

The 41 trail maps from the back of the five volumes of Kananaskis Country Trail Guides are now available for you to view and download to your computer. These maps show all of the trails that Gillean has recorded in Kananaskis Country—some 435 hikes with 451 options. They are a tremendous resource for anyone going into Kananaskis Country.

Spray Lake

The trail follows the near side of the lake from Driftwood day use to Upper Kananaskis Lake.

High Rockies Trail

The High Rockies Trail, which connects Goat Creek at the Banff Park boundary to Elk Pass on the Alberta B.C. boundary, is the westernmost section of the Trans Canada Trail in Alberta. The project’s proponent, the Alberta TrailNet Society, envisions the trail becoming a world-class destination trail through Kananaskis Country, with shuttle busses transporting trail users between trailheads.

Access to Stewart Creek and Middle Sister Thumbnail

Stuart Creek Construction

Access to Stewart Creek and Middle Sister

New construction is in full swing along the old haul road that allowed access to the start of Quebexican and to Middle Sister via Stewart Creek. As you can see from Iain Ramsey’s photo there’s heavy equipment working and a “no access” notice. While you can probably walk the road safely Sundays and holidays, during [...]

Upper Kan Lake

Low water in Upper Kananaskis Lake

Trail rebuilding near Upper Kananaskis Lake

First we had a look at Three Isle Lake trail. Apart from a new footbridge at Invincible Creek and a short reroute off the bridge, the main changes occur between Upper Kananaskis  Falls bridge and Forks Campground with a major reroute beyond the spring creek crossing.  The new trail crosses Dead Horse Gulch, as James calls it, [...]

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