Spray Lake Sawmills creates West Bragg Blog

Spray Lake Sawmills’ Woodlands team have created a blog site to provide the opportunity for dialog and input into the proposed logging in West Bragg Creek. It is intended to be a communication link to those that have concerns, suggestions or ideas, and those that do the planning within the company. “We can’t expect people to be happy and supportive of our plans unless we are able to build a trust and understanding in what we are doing”. Spray Lake Sawmills blog.

They will try to address questions such as, “How will the recreation trails be impacted and how will it affect the overall recreation values of the area? Will we be seeing trucks and other heavy equipment going through the community? Are there any safety concerns we should be aware of? What will the impacts be on water quality and wildlife? How have plans been changed to accommodate these concerns? All valid questions”.

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