New start to Stoneworks Canyon etc

If you’re aiming for Stoneworks Canyon or the west end of Douglas Fir Bench and other trails there’s a new access.

From Hwy. 1  in Canmore going west take exit 89 and turn left onto the service road. Drive past Palliser Village. Park on the south side of the service road about 100 m east of the Cross Zee Ranch entrance. Cross Zee Ranch requests you not park at or near their entrance as it has to be kept clear for emergency vehicles.

Climb the bank to a gap in the fence on the north side (faint trail and a cairn and flagging on posts each side of the gap). Cross the powerline and a few metres of easy ground to a gravel road running along the bank of  Stoneworks Creek diversion. (The diversion, which follows the line of the old channel, went in last year in an effort to stop flood water flowing into the quarry which is slated for condos.) Turn right and follow the road to the start of the sheet piling bulkhead. The road ends here, but you continue on trail past newly planted trees.

Cross Zee gap in fence

Gap in fence about 100 m east of Cross Zee Ranch gate.

For Stoneworks, cross the diversion to the sign and kissing gate (sans fence) seen on the opposite bank. At this point Johnny’s trail, coming up from the Cross Zee is only a couple of metres away. Turn right.


New bulkhead on the Stoneworks Creek diversion.

For Douglas Fir Bench, stay on the near bank, cross a 4-way, then keep left near the end of the bulkhead and arrive at a 4-way with Douglas Fir Bench at a signpost. Right is Douglas Fir Bench, straight on deadends at the golf course, left  climbs uphill to the trails around the end of Silvertip Trail (road).

Stoneworks start
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  • Peter Irwin Jun 9, 2013, 9:57 am

    Thanks for the info Gillean! Its been a long time since i was in stoneworks and was just recently wondering how you access it now.

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