Snowshoeing Guide is here

An attractive looking book with excellent writing and colour photos, some with the routes marked on, and good topo maps at the back of book with routes marked on in red. There is a section at the beginning on equipment, technique, etiquette  and avalanche hazard and an appendix on snowshoeing on the Wapta and Columbia Icefields. Routes are described by highway starting in Waterton National Park and range up through the Rockies to the north edge of Banff National Park.

Snowshoe McLean Hill

A snowshoe up McLean Hill from Hwy. 549. We had been up Ridge trail many times  before, but always as a spring tune-up. This would be our first time on snow and we guessed that the motor bike trail would translate well into a snowshoe trail. It did. The hills are manageable (not a novice trail, though) and the pine forest retains the snow well. Amazingly, the snow was more like mid-winter snow, and very often we were breaking trail through 14 inches of it.

Chester Lake Ski Trail now one-way

The lower (old logging road) sections of the Chester Lake trail have been designated as one-way trails. The more popular and slightly steeper west branch is marked for downhill travel only. The very slightly longer east branch is designated for uphill travel only. In other words, you are now expected to ski these two trails [...]

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