Distance 19.2 km one way, height gain 1128 m, strenuous
The Fortress, which appears impregnable from Hwy. 40, is a walk-up from the back, accessible to hikers who can handle scree and a few metres of easy scrambling.
Start: Hwy. 742 (Smith-Dorrien/Spray Trail). Via #94 Headwall Lakes at the upper lake.
Difficulty: Don't think of it as just a detour from Headwall Lakes; plan an early start from the parking lot and pick a fine day.
Note: The optional descent to Chester Lake is reported to be more difficult after the flood waters washed off most of the loose scree.
  • Route from Fortress/Chester Col. Photo Niccole Germscheid

Please refer to the trail description in the guidebook, especially for unofficial, off-trail hikes.
Kananaskis Country Trail Guide Volume 1 Trail #95

Trailhead: Chester Lake 50.7912N, -115.30062W

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Last updated Aug 27, 2018