Distance 21.5 km bike-hike, height gain 1065 m, strenuous
The delectable north ridge of Moose Mountain is my favourite way up the mountain. There are the necessary trails to treeline, after which you wander sans trails along a grassy hogback to the north summit and over an easy rock ridge to the main summit with lookout.
Start: The Husky well road that starts from the west leg of Jumpingpound Demonstration Forest loop road, 600 m north of Spruce Woods parking lot.
Difficulty: Easy hiking, then easy rocky ridge. Here is a track log of the route gpx
Note: Bike the Husky well road for 4.5 km, then head left on the pipeline access trail. In dry conditions it can be biked for another 3.7 km. The old road up Moose Creek is hard to find. The start is at the very bottom of a short, steep hill about 100 m from the bridge across Moose Creek (gate). Step across a log and in a few metres there is a sign"Trail not maintained beyond this point"! Work your way up Moose Creek to the end of the cutblocks. See picture.
  • The far end of the cutblocks. Trail head right at bottom of cutline.

Please refer to the trail description in the guidebook, especially for unofficial, off-trail hikes.
Kananaskis Country Trail Guide Volume 2 Trail #72

Trailhead: Spruce Woods 51.032643N, -114.809258W

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Last updated Oct 6, 2017