Distance 6.0 km return, height gain 400 m, moderate
The valley is quite different in character to neighbouring Pack Trail Coulee, being flat and open for most of its length to Gunnery Pass. From the pass, you can carry on down Wileman Creek to connect up with #5 from Grass Pass. You can also connect with Grass Pass via the in between ridge (#3B) and make an easy circuit nearly all on grass.
Start: Park off road at 710853, 5 km west of the K Country boundary.
Difficulty: Easy hiking on good trail. The trail has recently (July 2017) been brushed out and the traverse to the notch flagged.
Note: It's also the fastest way in for scramblers bound for Holy Cross Mountain (#8). Here is a track log of the trail to the foot of Holy Cross gpx
The route over to the creek on the west side of Gunnery Mountain is fine, BUT on no account go down to the creekbed — it's a mess of tumbled stones and trees. Keep high on the left bank, only descending to creek level near the end. Even then stay in the trees. After crossing the fence, pick up a trail taking you out to the bank top above Hwy. 541.

Please refer to the trail description in the guidebook, especially for unofficial, off-trail hikes.
Kananaskis Country Trail Guide Volume 5 Trail #7

Trail start: Gunnery Creek 50.39447N, -114.59367W

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Last updated Aug 29, 2018