Distance 13.3 km loop, height gain 345 m, moderate
Starting from Sawmill parking this 13.4 km outer loop (shown as a dashed line on our map) gives you a “grand tour” of the Chester–Sawmill area. It can also be skied on touring skis by those willing to ski on snowshoe tracks and to to break trail if necessary. The trails in this area are not groomed. It can be extended by going all the way to Chester Lake parking, an extra 2.8 km.
Start: Hwy. 742 (Smith-Dorrien/Spray Trail) at Sawmill day-use area. See sketch map
Difficulty: A long snowshoe trip on good trails with the possibility of having to break trail much of the way.
Note: With multiple vehicles you can of course snowshoe or ski from Chester to Sawmill (Sawmill is about 75 m lower than Chester parking). The upper, most scenic trail, is Snowdrift at 9.1 km. The lower one Graupel–High Rockies is 7.1 km.

Please refer to the trail description in the guidebook, especially for unofficial, off-trail hikes.
This trail is not featured in any of our guidebooks

Trailhead: Sawmill 50.74858N, -115.24575W

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Last updated Dec 20, 2016