Distance 8.1 km loop, height gain 120 m, easy
A pleasant snowshoe for a sunny day in early spring across open fens and through sparse forest with a visit to Marl Lake. See sketch map
Start: Boulton campground upper parking lot. At present there are no visible snowshoe signs. Head up to Moraine ski trail. Cross it and follow a short campground road with picnic tables to its end, where if you head over the berm you will see the first snowshoe sign. If you look back to your right when you reach Moraine, you will see a snowshoe sign indicating the trail above the concession that allows you to snowshoe the loop clockwise.
Difficulty: Easy
Note: You can combine Frozen Toad and Torpor Loop for a 14.3 km workout.
  • Heading north. Opal Range in background.

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Trail start: Boulton 50.63531N, -115.10694W

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Last updated Mar 21, 2019