Distance 18.4 km backpack side trip, height gain 884 m, strenuous
An exploratio road leads to the top of a ridge on the southeast outlier of Patterson’s Peak where gypsum was discovered in the early 60s.
Start: Via #15 Flat Creek just after the first river crossing at 696946.
Difficulty: The valley section has been adversely affected by rock slides and a couple of floods, so taking that into account plus the 10 creek crossings, I can only recommend this route for the experienced hiker.
Note: Also the scrambler’s access to #22 Patterson’s Peak.

Please refer to the trail description in the guidebook, especially for unofficial, off-trail hikes.
Kananaskis Country Trail Guide Volume 5 Trail #21

Trail start: Flat Creek 50.47747N, -114.52875W

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Last updated May 22, 2016