Classic Snowshoe Trails
Here are some of the best snowshoe trails in Kananaskis Country in higher-elevation areas where there is lots of snow. Some of these trails are in Simple, Class 1 avalanche terrain. Going beyond the usual end of trail may expose you to more serious avalanche terrain.
Sawmill Grand Tour13.3 km loop345 m Smith-Dorrien
Chester Lake Snowshoe7.3 km return300 m Smith-Dorrien
Marushka (Shark) Lake7.4 km return104 m Smith-Dorrien
Mount Murray Viewpoint7.1 km return260 m Smith-Dorrien
Tryst Lake Snowshoe6.6 km return260 m Smith-Dorrien
High Rockies Buller to Chester12.6 km one way472 m Smith-Dorrien
Rummel Ridge6.6 km return645 m Smith-Dorrien
Rummel Lake Snowshoe10.9 km return396 m Smith-Dorrien
Graupel Snowshoe7.7 km loop212 m Smith-Dorrien
Commonwealth Lake Snowshoe8.4 km return198 m Smith-Dorrien
Rawson Lake Snowshoe7.8 km return305 m Peter Lougheed