Bragg Creek Trails Update

Here is an update on the Bragg Creek trails from Bruce Barker, GBCTA Ski Committee Chair.

SNOW! Yes, west Bragg Creek did receive about 6 inches of snow.  This is laying over a very thin, icy base.  There is not enough snow to trackset, but the GBCTA ski committee plans to roller pack the trails either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning to lay down a good base for the next dump.

We have talked with Spray Lakes Sawmills regarding harvest timing.  This is still evolving, but at this point, the Iron Springs, Crystal Line east, Sundog east haul road likely won’t be used until January 2013.  We are proceeding on this basis, and plan on grooming all trails up until the point when SLS requires the trails for hauling timber.  It should be noted that these trails are historic SLS haul roads. We will keep you posted on trail closures as they happen.Thanks also to K-country staff for brushing and mowing all of the ski trails except Loggers and Telephone Loop.  They ran out of good weather but the mowing will help keep the brush back and make a better ski experience. Telephone Loop is getting pretty grown in, and the GBCTA may not be able to groom it, but K-Country does get out there.  Our plans for Telephone call for a major clean up  in 2013 if we can raise funding.

We hope that we can get off to an early start, and will be able to provide skiing on many of the trails throughout the winter.  Please consider supporting the ski committee once again this year by going to the GBCTA ski website and donating online. Once again, you’ll receive up-to-date reports on ski grooming and trail conditions. And it is tax-deductable.

All Season Trail plan update. Trail construction was relatively quiet in 2012 due to trail development being on hold because of the logging decisions.  In 2012, the GBCTA was able to work on trails unaffected by the proposed logging, which included:

  • 2.5 km upgraded tread on Strange Brew
  • 1.3 km of upgraded tread on hiking trail connecting Fullerton Loop to Ranger Summit.
  • Numerous drainage sites repaired and culverts installed on Ranger Summit, Boundary Ridge and Braggin Rights.

During 2013/14, we hope to be able to finalize the build out of the summer and winter trails.

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  • Alf Skrastins Nov 12, 2012, 10:25 pm

    There were over 50 cars in the West Bragg Creek parking lot on Monday afternoon. Lots of XC skiers, snowshoers, dog walkers and trail runners. The snowshoers appear to be gaining awareness that the official snowshoe trails and the new summer trails are great for snowshoeing… although many were still snowshoeing on the XC trails too.
    The XC trails have been machine packed and rolled smooth, but there is not enough snow depth for tracksetting. Nevertheless, I had no trouble skiing the Moose Loop and Crystal Line. There are rocks poking out on some of the steeper downhills, but I managed to avoid hitting any. If you have any doubts about your ability to ski the boney sections, just take your skis off and walk. The steep sections are short and it is too early in the season to risk damage to your skis or yourself. Here are some photos from Monday.

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