Update – Club Groups over 15 people

Here is the latest word from Jim Dennis  on large club groups. Rather than me paraphrase, I will let Jim’s words speak for themselves.  

  1. Non commercial groups larger than 15 may use any non-designated trail in any zone.  We encourage these groups to keep their numbers down, especially in Preservation Zones in the parks and in other sensitive backcountry environments.
  2. Non commercial groups do not require a Letter of Authority.  If non commercial groups would like to support and assist the Parks Division – Kananaskis Area in gathering human use information for managing parkings, we would appreciate if the larger groups, ie greater than 15, could let us know what park locations(trails) they will be using, how many will be in their group, and on what date they are going out for their trip.  If we receive this information before they go out, we would send them a Letter of Authority(Information Letter).  If we receive this information after their trip, it will still be very useful as it will contribute to our knowledge of backcountry use and will assit us in managing our parks.

 Currently an on-line system is being developed which will eventually be available for use by all non commercial groups.  This system will have extensive information for the user and will include much of the same information as provided in the Kananaskis Country Trail Report and more.  This system will compile group use numbers information for management purposes.  Until this system is fully operational, we will be gathering what information we can manually.

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