Alberta Hiking Association

The Alberta Hiking Association is a fledgling umbrella organization for hiking clubs from across the province. Hikers have had little or no presence at ‘stakeholders’ meetings with government and land managers, while mountain bike, equestrian and ATV clubs are well organized, have access to funds and have been successful in building new trails in K Country. A provincial association representing hikers’ interests and concerns will provide a stronger voice for the hiking and snowshoeing community.

It appears virtually impossible to get a new trail built in K Country without supplying the majority of the funding, and to access funding requires the backing of a respected provincial association. For example, equestrians have been successful in building a trail in the Sheep River area that is not even in the management plan because they are represented by a strong Provincial organization that can access government grants.

We need a strong Alberta Hiking Association to provide local clubs or individuals with support from the entire hiking community. However, the Association can only be successful if it has support from hiking clubs, and participation by individuals in projects to improve and maintain our trail system.

They need your help! Please consider joining, as Clubs and as individuals.

Browse their web site: for information on how to become a member.

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