Your iPod got Wet? — Get a Bheestie Bag

Do you take your cellphone or iPod into the mountains? Chances are you put them in the pocket of your supposedly waterproof jacket and forget about them when you get rained on. When you get home you try drying the moisture-laden device in the oven, or use one of a number of other home remedies. A Portland company has come up with a more reliable solution to your problem—The Bheestie Bag.

Bheestie BagThe Bheestie Bag is a Ziploc-style bag with a self-contained bag of water-absorbing beads inside, designed to ‘dry out’ electronic devices: cell phones, iPods, small cameras, etc. The silicon beads can last up to a year for frequent use in a damp environment, though a lot less if used for an extreme soaking.

To dry-out an electronic device, turn it off, dry the surface, take out the battery if possible, open flip phones, drop it in the Bheestie Bag and close the zip. Leave the device in the bag for 24-72 hours, depending how wet it got and recharge if necessary.

From Canada, order through REI. Cost US$20.

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