Tech Talk

E very so often we get an email or a comment on the accuracy of our trail distances, and when we track down the cause of the discrepancy find that the problem relates to incorrect odometer (distance) displays on the users GPS receiver and/or poor track logs that have not been “cleaned up”. Let’s look [...]

Augmented Reality on the iPhone

A new term in the high tech dictionary, augmented reality is “a ‘live, real-world’ view augmented by iPhone generated graphics”. Point your iPhone’s camera at a group of mountains along the highways of Banff National Park and the view appears on the screen with tags showing the name of the mountain.

SPOT Satellite Messenger System

SPOT is a handheld satellite communication device that can determine your location using a GPS system and send messages via its own commercial satellite network. It will work almost anywhere in the world as long as you can see enough sky to access satellites