CPAWS Recommendations for improving the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan

I attended a CPAWS workshop on the plan yesterday. Here is a summary of their recommendations for fixing the plan.


  • Areas impacted by clear-cut logging and road building must be restored ASAP.
  • Define a new model for forest management to achieve natural, healthy water systems and wildlife habitat.
  • Protected area should be defined not just for the mountain tops but continue down through the valleys below.

New Protected Areas

  • The entire Castle Special Place should be declared a Wildland Provincial Park.
  • Protected areas should conserve ecologically important habitat from top to bottom.
  • More protected area should be put in place as recommended in the original draft.

Wildlife Habitat

  • The plan needs a new land use designation which identifies and protects habitat for wildlife along corridors between protected areas.
  • Immediate development and implementation of a linear management plan.

Recreation & Tourism

  • Develop eco-tourism in the region.
  • Reclaim damaged OHV terrain and keep riders on specific trails.
  • Restrict random camping outside designated areas.
  • Provide sufficient resources to for enforcement.

You can help by:

  • Writing to your MLA and Premier Redford.
  • Attending one of the public consultation sessions.
  • Through your comments, tweets etc. on Social Media
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  • B. Oct 12, 2014, 4:19 pm

    What became of the Bow Valley WP expansion? How big is it?
    Also, where is the Bluerock Wpp expansion? The map is not clear.

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