Fortress Mountain Ski Resort

Fortress Mountain Ski Resort hopes to be back in business by December 2020. The original Snowridge opened in 1967 before being purchased by Aspen Skiing Corporation in the early-70’s and renamed Fortress Mountain. In the 90’s it was taken over by Resorts of the Canadian Rockies and finally closed in 2004 due to its inability to compete in the market. 

Now a new owner, Fortress Mountain Holdings, is taking another kick at the can. The company has been operating KPOW!, a Cat Skiing operation since 2011 and has some ambitious plans for the area. Visit the KPOW! website at and click on the Fortress Redevelopment Presentation at the bottom of the page for information on their plans.

In the first phase they will build a new day lodge with a restaurant. Build or rebuild 7 chair lifts using the existing runs plus three new ones on the front-side, back-side, and far-side of the area.

Phase 1 of the plan from the Fortress Redevelopment Presentation

Since 2004 there has been no summer access to the area other than walking or biking up the road. While there is no specific mention of summer use in either the presentation or the Master Plan, there are hints of meeting and conference rooms and mountain biking and ziplines, that offer some hope that we may once again be able to access this beautiful area in summer for hiking, wildlife viewing and the incredible displays of wildflowers.

Hiking Fortress Ridge.

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