Green Mountain: A Different Approach Trail

You might like to try a diifferent approach trail to the upper slopes that’s a lot easier than the original. Possibly a game trail once, it’s now most definitely a horse trail, a bit churned up in places, but overall good and impossible to lose. It’s also slightly shorter.

Metal signs at the turnoff from Green Mountain trail onto the cutline.

Start from Green Mountain trail as before, only this time turn left onto a N-S cutline just after the first side creek crossing. The junction is marked by metal arrows nailed to a tree. On coming to a meadow with salt lick, bear right. The trail soon crosses a wee creek, then climbs very gradually through open woodlands, twice crossing banks above springs watering soggy  strips of meadow. A more sustained climb and The Castle comes into view above the treetops.

The horse trail just before the long traverse. The Castle poking up above the trees ahead.

This is where the trail makes a long traverse to the right. After passing the flat place where the original route (sans trail) joins in from the right, the horse trail climbs a little into the aspen belt and it’s here at GR 679104 that a fainter trail heads off up left through the aspens into the steep meadow below The Castle. This leaves you in excellent postion  to reach the summit the direct way.

Returning along the easy route to the aspen band. Shows the direct route in profile.

Incidentally, that fainter trail — a starter horse trail? — diagonals across the meadow to the right, then following the same line, crosses the pleats in the terrain to the ridge between the summit and Spaulding Point. This could be used by hikers wanting to summit the easy way though there appears to be no trail  in the grass leading up to the cairn and the three survey markers.

 Out of curiosity we followed the main horse trail for another few hundred metres. It climbs only a little bit higher then starts a winding descent back down to Green Mountain trail? Possibly.  It would be great if it circled around Spalding Point in the meadows onto Mount McNabb trail….

So let us know what you think.

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