Grizzly Bear Research in K Country & Alberta


Photo: Friends of Kananaskis Country.

Friends of Kananaskis Country present Grizzly Bear Research in Kananaskis Country and Alberta: A Two-Part Talk by John Paczkowski and Gordon Stenhouse.

Wednesday March 11, 2015 | 7:00 pm | UofC (Science Theatre) ST 135, 527 Campus Place NW

Part 1: Research, conservation and management of grizzly bears in Kananaskis Country – John Paczkowski
The Kananaskis Region plays and important role in Alberta’s grizzly bear recovery – it also faces an interesting challenge of balancing the needs of people and grizzly bears in a small area with many different user groups. This presentation will demonstrate how combining prevention, research, and aversive conditioning can help maintain this delicate balance.

Part 2: New insights on the influence of roads on grizzly bears – Gordon Stenhouse
Alberta has many roads and access features that are associated with resource extraction industries and many of these roads are found in key grizzly bear habitat. This presentation will discuss new research results on the interaction between roads and bears, and the realities and challenges of roads in Alberta for grizzly bear conservation.

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