Bad news for people doing the Heart Mountain Circuit.

Driving back from Banff on Sunday, we were dismayed to see that a brand new guard rail on Hwy. 1 extends for quite some distance on both sides of Heart Creek, thereby blocking access to the usual popular parking area in the ditch. Not only that, there are “No Parking” signs at the east end of it.

Quaite CreekApproaching from the official Heart Creek parking lot  is okay if you are just touristing up Heart Creek, but it’s a little unpalatable if you are doing the whole horseshoe. (I just love that uphill on the return don’t you?) And now the approach has been made longer  by the rebuilding of the Heart Creek trail which means that before you can even set foot on the Heart Mountain trail  you have to walk up valley to the first bridge and back down again.

We don’t yet know what might happen farther east at the usual start to Quaite Valley trail via the old logging road. Again, this is a place where we park in the ditch. Should guard rail go up here, too, hikers wanting to reach Jewell Pass or do a loop with Razor’s Edge are faced with walking another 6 km return to Heart Creek parking lot. Ouch!

We need your thoughts and ideas on this.  i.e. do we need a new parking lot  somewhere between Heart Creek and Quaite Creek?


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  • Gillean Daffern Nov 17, 2013, 11:59 am

    Yes, but now there is a no parking sign! Derek, I didn’t see a break in the guard rail to allow entrance onto the waterfowl viewing interpretive trail did you? It ’s a couple of weeks later and no sign of guard rail at the entrance to Quaite Valley logging road. So that’s one good thing.

  • Derek Ryder Nov 8, 2013, 11:48 pm

    Also, I checked when I went past today. The guardrail extends only between the big rocks they put in the ditch a while ago to prevent people from parking on the shoulder right at the creek. People parked at the rocks all summer, on bot the east and west side of the creek.

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