Highline Trail Revisited

I have finally found the time to produce a topographical map showing the Highline Trail above Canmore. Signage on the trail is somewhat spotty with a variety of signs from junction maps stapled to boards to blue plastic strip signs. I suspect it’s a work in progress. Quarry Lake is the only location that marks the start of any of the trails. There are four ways of getting on or off the Highline from east to west as follows:

Three Sisters Creek access
The trail starts at the end of Three Sisters Boulevard, heading up and bearing left through a gate. It follows the the fence line (wooden) of the new golf course and through a patch of trees between the two golf courses.

East access from Peaks of Grassi
The trail starts from the middle of the turn-around at the east end of the Peaks of Grassi community. It climbs at a moderate grade to the Highline Trail.

West access from Quarry Lake parking
Start at the left side (Quarry Lake side) of the parking area where there is a Highline Trail signboard. The gravel trail crosses mostly open ground to the powerline where it jogs left and almost immediately right. In a little while there is a junction where you bear right up a moderately steep and winding trail with well-banked corners to the Highline Trail.

Riders of Rohan access
From the Quarry Lake parking area head across by one of several routes to the powerline. Follow the powerline west to the Riders of Rohan trail. Turn left and follow the moderately steep and sometimes rocky trail to where it merges with the Highline Trail.

Click on the map below to download an 11″ x 8.5″ version.

Map of Highline Trail
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