Hike Carry Ridge

Here is another of our favourite early-spring hikes in the Sheep.

Carry Ridge, a  ruler-straight ridge running SE-NW between Macabee Creek and Ware Creek, is named after Bob Carry who homesteaded on the site of  Anchor D in 1912. By using a variety of trails and a return via the west fork of Mudsprings Creek,  you  can make a 5.8 km loop for a total of 9.4 km. The hike can be extended by hiking farther along the ridge.

Looking northwest from Carry Ridge

Looking northwest from a treed section of Carry Ridge

Park at the K Country boundary sign  on Hwy. 546 (Sheep River Trail). There is room for two or three vehicles. Start up the trail behind the sign, shortly heading back right towards the K Country boundary fence which is followed onto a ridge. Either descend the very steep north side alongside the boundary fence (snow early in the season), or use the switchback track  that starts from a little higher up the ridge. Continue following the fence across a small creek and over the east end of a grassy ridge. The trail then enters spruce forest and becomes a track, heading away from the fence to avoid bog. It ends at a tiny creek crossing in the west fork of Heel Creek.  Cross the creek and head through a few trees into a meadow where you intersect a good  horse trail come in through a gate from Anchor D. Make a note of where you came out of the trees for the return.

Ahead rises the grass and aspen slopes of Carry Ridge. Cross the valley trail and on trail climb alongside the boundary fence to the ridge top. At the T-junction near another gate turn left (north). 

A very pleasant horse trail runs along the ridge top which is mostly open. Follow the ridge for a far as you want. There are five side trails to the left that lead down to the valley bottoms. (Only a couple are marked on the map.) My own preference is to go as far north as possible  while the ridge is still grassy and then drop off into the west fork of Mudsprings Creek with or without a trail. (North end of ridge not shown on the map).  Whatever you decide, once in the valley bottom you can pick up a good horse trail and follow it up over  a low pass into the west fork  of Heel Creek.  Before reaching the gate in the boundary fence turn off right and return the way you came.

Carry Ridge Map
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  • Tim O May 21, 2012, 5:47 pm

    Walked along Carry Ridge today. Enjoyed the long views to snowy summits from the ridge. Good terrain for bushwhacking easy to traverse without a trail. I recommend following the fence line as much as possible , avoiding the marsh, and then getting up on the ridge as early as possible.

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