Clarifying Jura Creek trails

Derek, I think you were puzzled last time you went into Jura Creek by the surfeit of trails. So here is a map showing  the canyon route, the canyon bypass and the high trail which has a steep start and even steeper finish down to the campsite. When water levels are reasonable, we prefer the canyon bypass despite a bit of stream hopping. Notice that the line of the creek and contours on the topo map are wrong. Hwy. 1A also seems a bit off.

Map also shows the regular start, the start  from the powerline, which is also the start up Door Jamb Mtn., the track in up the west side of the creek from Hwy. 1A  and connecting trails from Exshaw.

Jura Creek map
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  • Derek Ryder Aug 14, 2011, 12:00 pm

    Thanks for the great detailed map. I know that will help those geology folks who haven’t been up there before.

    The first time I was there the water was too high for me in the canyon. Starting up the “high trail”, I was unaware at how high the “high trail” goes, plus it had lots of mountain bike tracks on it (plus fresh bear scat…). I swear if we had walked all of 50 more meters we would have started the steep short descent to the canyon. We ended up on the “canyon bypass” which only bypasses the first section of the canyon, and got trapped by the second section.

    I wholeheartedly endorse the “canyon” route when the water is low, but am thankful for the “high trail” when needed.

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