Kananaskis Trailfinder v2.0

I have taken advantage of the cold weather to re-write Trailfinder to make it easier to use. Gone are the annoying buttons to click on. Mouse-over the menus to see what is clickable — area names, trail names, list names. Trailfinder is driven by a database of almost all the trails in the five volumes of Gillean’s Kananaskis Country Trail Guides — 464 so far! I have also added lists for snowshoeing and winter walking

The Area list on the left gives you the ability to find trails by area.
Fancy a trip to the Smith-Dorrien area. Trailfinder will present you with a list off trails. If you feel like a strenuous day out filter the list by selecting Strenuous from the options at the top of the screen. Snow Peak catches your eye. Click on the trail name to find out how difficult the scrambling is. Click on “Map:Tent-Birdwood” to look at the 1:50,000 topo map. Near the bottom of the page you will see a reference to the trail guide — Volume 1 Trail #89 — where you can get the detailed route description.

Trail details page.

Top right is a box where you can Search for a trail

In the illustration I was looking for Mount Burke and typed in “bur”. As you can see, a list dropped down highlighting words with “Bur” in them. I then selected “Mount Burke” to get the detailed information.

Below the search box are a number of trail type you may be interested in

Selecting a category brings up a list of the best trails in each of the categories. Are there other categories of trail you would like me to list? Have I missed your favourite trail of any of the lists? Bear in mind that I am not trying to list all the trails, just the best or most popular ones.

I hope you enjoy Trailfinder and find it useful.

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  • Tony Daffern Dec 16, 2016, 1:57 pm

    Thanks James. I’ll have to think about how to define shoulder season. People are hiking right up to the beginning of December when the winter gates shut, and winter walking where they can access the trailhead after that. Maybe shoulder season is the period in early summer before the snow has melted from the higher trails.
    By cross-country ski trails I assume you mean trails that are good to ski on touring skis such as Burstall Pass and Chester Lake.

  • James Dec 15, 2016, 10:05 pm

    Awesome job! What a great resource!

    I’d love to have a list of great shoulder season hikes and your list of the best cross country ski trails too.


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