KTUG News for May

The latest news from the K Country Trail Users Group meeting in May :

Snowshoe trails have been brushed out where necessary (Sawmill) and more signs erected. No new snowshoe trails are in the works for next winter. I was hoping  there might be something at West Bragg where snowshoeing is as popular as skiing. But because of “unreliable snow conditions” and  “possible logging,” any official trails in the area are deemed  “not sustainable.” See our blog on Snowshoe North Bragg Creek.

Maintaining summer trails is a full-time job, the most common problems being one  of replacing bridges and  clearing away deadfall. If you find blowdowns on an official trail email Bill.Johnston@gov.ab.ca and he will attend to it. Grassi Lakes Trail will get an upgrade this summer and a new equestrian trail will be built up  Sandy McNabb Hill in the Sheep.

A start will be made on new trails in the Sheep to replace those due for undesignation and those lost by the closure of Gorge Creek Road. This summer a few of us will be out there  flagging  some of the routes  indicated in the Sheep Management Plan. Who knows when the trails will be finished. We, the users have to go through the rigmarole of applying for grants. This is aggravating when we know that  the province  is pouring money into OHV trails and OHV facilities.

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    How does one find out more information about KTUG?

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