Logging makes changes to trail #29, Powderface Ridge from the east

Logging is affecting a number of trails in the Elbow and Jumpingpound areas. Colin and John have already mentioned in the forum what is happening in the Belmore Browne and Ford Creek areas. Here is a third trail affected by recent logging: #29, Powderface Ridge from the East via #28B access trail. Right now, the upper road is lined with logs ready to be trucked out.

Elbow logging summer 2012

The start of the logging road.

The new logging road starts opposite Rainy Creek lay-by on Hwy. 66, and  pushes into the valley right next to the present trail. It doesn’t affect it too much until it reaches the top of the long hill where it overlays the old track. To this point you may  as well just walk up the new road. Just past the yellow sign 0609, watch for the old track turning off to the right and follow it. The only difference here is that it now runs at the edge of a cutblock. Keep left at the Y-junction and wind between tree islands to the oven. The track ends here. Simply walk around the corner  of the cutblock — the going is easy — until you see the old cow trail descending the bank. Follow it into logging camp meadow. This is actually a shortcut which cuts out a serpentine section of track.

Then the route is as before.  I was anxious to see if the longitudinal meadow lined with magnificent spruce as shown on page 102 was still there. Thankfully, it remains untouched, though it was a near thing with just a few trees separating cutblock and meadow on the south side.

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