West Bragg Creek Logging Report

Here is the status of logging activities in the West Bragg area courtesy of Bruce Barker, Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association

Jan 9, 2013:  Logging is progressing southward from the north end of Telephone Loop toward the parking lot at West Bragg Creek. If using trails north of the parking lot, please use caution and stay away from active logging sites.  Trails south of the parking lot are not yet affected by harvesting activities.

Blocks 1 through 11 in the north and middle of Telephone Loop have active logging with felling, skidding, processing and decking occurring, and log hauling in many of the blocks.  Block 13 around south Long Distance and Demi-Tel has road right of way construction, felling and skidding.  

Ski Trail impacts:

*  Telephone Loop:  Remains useable with a 100 m section paralleling a haul road on the northwest corner, and one haul road crossing in the northwest as well.
*  All other ski trails are currently unaffected.
*  Snowshoe Hare trail is unaffected.

All-Season Trails: 

*  Disconnect trail construction is not complete, and with logging in Block 8 and 6, should be avoided.
*  Caution is advised on Long Distance and Reconnect as trail users may encounter active logging, and trail users should consider other trail alternatives. Logging is occurring in the 30 m modified harvest buffer in Blocks 9 and 10 of these trails, and should be avoided. Felling and skidding right up to the trail is occurring in these sections, as these area were determined to be subject to wind thrown trees.
*  Logging in Block 13 requires active skidding of logs in several designated areas across Long Distance between Braggin Rights and Demi-Tel, and trail users should consider other alternatives.
*  Demi-Tel currently has one road crossing, but a portion in the NE will be used as a haul road for Block 13 and trail use is not advised.

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